Artman group is ready to invest on your suitable land or make some kind of partnership in order to establish Artman-like resorts including Igloos, restaurants, Café’, Bar, Spa, … in shortest time you may imagine and run it.

We are also ready to design, build, supply, implement and operate the above mentioned resort for you in your premises.
Our solution meet variety of needs not just resorts, you may use this for a short time camp, festivals or as your private cottage in your garden.
It’s completely eco-friendly and just install on a simple base so it can be used in Jungle, ski resort, mountain or etc.
Igloos are fully segmented for easy shipment and transport and you won’t need lots of construction material building it and so there will be the minimum possible waste. 

Products & Solutions
Polymer made Igloo
Inspired from old traditional igloo, we designed and producing prefabricated Igloo out of polymer which is antibacterial from inside, anti UVi, not inflammable, anti-Algae, completely strong and stable, available in different size and colors.

Inside you will have enough area to implement kitchen, Bath and decorative materials, with Igloo you have the opportunity to join them together and make even bigger area or saloon.

Foot print (SQM): 25
Hight (M): 2.8
Body exterior Material: Polyethylene
Body internal Material: Polyethylene
Door Material: MDF/HDF/wood
Door frame: Steel
Window frame: UPVC
Window type: Double pane
Diameter (cm): 560